Louise Lanham

Louise Lanham, a fantasy fanatic and an author in the making. Louise is bubbly and full of zest with a driving force of energy (both physically and emotionally) that allows her to meet challenges head on. She is an incredibly social person who is easy to get along with, with an offbeat sense of humour that contributes nicely to her quirky personality. When she is not at gym, walking the dogs, taking part in charity runs or bumping into furniture around the house, you will find her with a book literally pressed to her face (her eye sight is not the sharpest), whether she is in bed, in the car or even on the toilet, a book is normally as close to her as her phone.

On the surface she might come off as being too light hearted and maybe a touch airy fairy, with most serious matters appearing to bounce straight off of her but on the inside she is a serious person, seldom putting herself into anything that does not gain her full support. She is sensitive, perceptive, imaginative and intuitive with a passion that can be described as the “tidal wave of the thundering weight of Niagara” for she will, by nature see everything through to the (bitter even) ending.

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