Glenda Hanekom

I remember the first time I met Glenda.  I was waiting in the queue at the supermarket and she was standing in front of me.  I can’t recall how we started chatting, but by the time she had paid for her groceries, we’d already made plans to have coffee.  It’s not that she’s the most striking person, mind you, she’s rather short if I have to be honest.  But she does seem to be able to start a conversation with just about anybody, young and old.  She’s 38 now, born in 1974, on Mother’s day to be precise.  But at the time I met her she was a young girl of 24.  It was the month after she’d given birth to the first of three children, she told me she was quite terrified.  Fourteen years later, I’ve come to understand who she is.  On the exterior this chatty, bubbly person, but get to know her and you’ll find that she can just as easily fill a day with silence.  That’s probably because she’s crept inside her head.  When those days come, feel free to grab a cuppa and watch her, it’s really quite amusing.  She’ll quickly jump from her chair and start frantically writing, and then, just as suddenly, she’ll stop and you’ll find her staring out into….nothingness.  Yes, my friend is truly a contradiction, curled up there on her couch with her dogs and cats, reading a John Saul novel.  But I think you’ll like her.  Why don’t you look her up and say hello.  Before you know it, you’ll have made plans to have coffee….

5 thoughts on “Glenda Hanekom”

  1. I recall meeting Glenda for the first time a bundle of years ago where she grew up. We were all ‘finding ourselves’ back then. A whole bunch of years later we met again in words. I do not know Glenda well. It seems what you say is true. It seems there are a great many things about this person worth knowing.

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