Dame Barbara

Why hello darlings.
I think that the first thing I ought to do is to clear up any confusion over my name. You wouldn’t be the first to think I am the legendary lady of romance, Dame Barbara Cartland.  Why, the palace itself made the same error. I cannot tell you how surprised I was to receive the summons. After all  I was merely a secretary for a charitable organisation, but when you receive such an order, you do not question it, do you?
So, I practiced my curtsey and caught the train on the appointed day. Of course everyone realised the error as soon as I arrived, all nerves and butterflies. Elizabeth was so gracious and awarded me an honorary Damehood one year ahead of the full version bestowed upon the pink lady in the next honours list. I have it on good authority that the great lady never did find out that she was supposed to have received her award the previous year.
Further to this little excitement, my life has been one of little event and I have decided in my later years to follow in the footsteps of my namesake. I was introduced into this fearless group of wordsmiths by my good friend Glenda. Such a charming girl, whom  I met through a young man of my acquaintance who calls himself Bushman (I am afraid it would be impertinent of me to divulge his real name against his wishes.) I have known his family for many years and him since a young lad. He has always been a scruffy little urchin but oh, what a heart of gold.
In contrast to the other Dame Barbara I do not favour small dogs or the colour pink. In starker contrast I also do not favour the romance genre, hence, on this journey of self-exploration I plan to write in a multitude of genres in search of my own true voice.
I would love for you to peruse my little scribblings and I do hope you might find enjoyment in so doing but I beg of you, if you offer critique, to be kind to an old lady.
I really must dash my dears, love and hugs to all of you.
Dame Barbara.

10 thoughts on “Dame Barbara”

  1. I just read the piece you wrote “All you need is love…” and wow!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sent shivers down my spine. Cannot wait to read more.

    • Thank you so much my dear and might I return the compliment and tell you how impressed I was with your own blogsite too. You are a talented young lady.


      My dears. Please go and look at some of the wonderful work this inspirational treasure does.

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