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Finally free, having loosened the hold of my self-imposed shackleS

Originally snapped harshly into place by a mind naive,  not callouS

Rather brimming with ignorance,  so intoxicated by idealistic virtuE

Guilt ridden by my inability to follow the rules imposed by the maN

I realise now that it had never been required,  this pseudo penancE

Validation guided by a society’s norms is really just comedic improV

Easily I embraced this new life, free to live loud and without an alibI

Normalcy was now decided by my own compass,  it was liberatinG

Essentially I had fired the judge and whispered to my soul: prospeR

So, moving forward, ignoring the harsh words of  mass-market egO

Safe now, life was playing poker and this time I was calling its blufF