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Glenda asked me to post this here for her, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Final Farewell……

If I could tell you something, I think I would like to whisper the words that make you smile.

That way I could bask in the sun rising on your face.

Each crease would be a ray of warmth that has been placed there just for me as if to say  “Thank you, my world is brighter with you in it.”

But then I think, perhaps it would be better if I gathered my strength and spoke the words that made you laugh.

That way I could remember the sound of your joy as it washes over my weary heart, the rhythm of it a beautiful dance that transforms your face into that of a now lost childhood.

Maybe then some of our innocence would be returned.

Sadly though, before I can decide whether to whisper or speak, my careless mind screams the words that make you cry.

I watch as they cruelly strip the light from your eyes, crashing both our worlds into a bleak darkness.

Frantically I scramble, a near blind man desperate to catch his last glimpse of sunlight, but it is too late.

The beat of your tears wash the last hope from my soul and broken, I turn to leave.

Silence follows me, there is nothing left to say.