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Venice Pen

You are staring at the blank page on the screen, fingers hovering on the home keys.  You type a sentence, two, three.  You read them.  You read them again.  You roll your eyes.  No one’s ever going to want to read that.  Two clicks and your words are wiped off the page.

You notice the pointer slowly move down the page towards the Chrome icon in the task bar.  No!  You do not need to look at pictures of funny cats right now.  No, no videos either.  And you’ve blocked Facebook, remember?  Your wife’s not giving you the password until you finish this chapter.  You have some way to go.  You’ve been sitting here an hour and have nothing to show for it.

You reach for the hand-crafted quill pen you father brought you from Venice.  You stroke the feather over your lips, delighting in the soft touch of the barbs on the sensitive skin.  Hang on, you’re writing fantasy, not a 50 Shades rip-off.  You snap out of it and put the pen away.

You reach for your replica longsword instead.  You grip the hilt firmly and pull the blade from the scabbard.  Your heart gives an excited flutter.  Sure, the pen is mightier than the sword, but damn, these things are awesome.  You close your eyes and you’re standing on a battlefield.  Your ears ring with the clash of sword on shield and the drumbeat of hooves.  You hear a scream to your left and turn to see a man’s skull split in two by an axe.  Your nostrils are thick with the smell of mud and blood.

You see a rider approaching.  You know he’s looking for you.  He spots you and charges.  You stand and wait for him, gripping your sword with both hands.  He swings his blade in a wide arc, trying to cut you down, but you’re expecting that.  At the last moment you roll across in front of his horse, gaining your feet and cutting at his leg as he passes.  You feel the blade hit home and he cries out in pain.  He swings his mount around for another charge.  You raise your sword, ready.

You are jolted back to reality as the phone rings.  You glance at the caller ID and press the mute button.  You’re somewhat surprised at the sword in your hands.  How’d that get there?  You put it down and look at the still-blank screen.  Maybe a walk will help.