I have read the work of my good friend the Bushman and been inspired to explore what writing talent I may have. Under his encouragement and guidance I have written my first piece, “The Streets of London”.

I hope you enjoy it.

 “John Carter”

 The Streets of London

The streets were always quiet at this time of day. That was OK. Samir liked the solitude. It gave him time to think. Time to reflect on his plan of escaping the destitution that had been his life in Islamabad before coming to London. And what the pitfalls of his plan might be.

Driving the streets of London in his taxi afforded him the perfect opportunity to run drugs for the mob. No-one would question why a taxi was stopping haphazardly and for only a few seconds at a time. That’s what taxi’s do.

Start at the bottom they said. Work your way up. Dedication and loyalty are richly rewarded. If we can trust you, they said, you’ll go far in this business. Double cross us, and your family will pay the price.

The rear door opened and closed.

“Trafalgar square please”.

Samir flipped the meter on and pulled into the deserted street.

“We’ve been watching you”.

Samir’s blood ran cold. He saw the badge in the rear view mirror.

“We know what you’ve been up to. Quite the little scheme you have”. Samir’s eyes flitted to the mirror and back to the road.

“That’s OK. We’re not necessarily after you. It’s the “Kingpin” we’re after. We’d like you to help us get to him, in return for witness protection”.

Only one thought ran through Samir’s mind. Witness protection was OK for him, but who would protect his family?

John Carter