Don’t fear the reaper, fear me. I am the one who waits for you, who calls for you, who loves you and destroys you. The reaper is but a servant, my puppet, my slave. It is I who waits patiently for you, from the moment of your birth, crying and covered in your own retched filth to the moment my reaper will come.

He may appear to be sinister but it was I who gave evil its name. He has no power no threat. I am the omnipotent lord, who glorious in my terror will triumph. I am the embodiment of Hell; the reaper is but my shell. He may be the one who comes for you but it is I who waits patiently for you, for it is your life’s ending that consoles the darkness in my soul. My suffering less the more yours grows.

When he comes for you, don’t kick, scream, plead or pray. Those will be your last moments to soak up the light, for when you meet me, shadows close in and the torment begins. Ripping, pulling, and tugging.  Don’t fear the reaper, fear me.


Louise Lanham